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Welcome to my blog about water and swimming. My name is Kristen Weese. I love water and the amazing people I meet at the pool. This combination supplies many positive benefits for me in the form of social interaction, exercise, expending and increasing energy, and a sense of accomplishment and contribution. I have been swimming competitively since I was ten years old, and yes I am almost five times that old now. I have been working with adults and children in the water for over ten years, and recently have added water aerobics classes.

Imagine this blog as my gift to you. My intent is to provide ideas and thoughts for swimmers, teachers, and coaches. It is my desire for you to walk away from reading my blog feeling motivated and filled with enthusiasm for your next session in the water. So, sit back and smile as recreational and competitive swimmers, and students glean smiles, knowledge, insight from my experience. Perhaps you will walk away with a story or two to share with others, and to apply to your own water life!


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